We’re One Month Into the Year, How Are You Doing With Your Resolutions?


You started the year off with a bang! Resolutions in place, you swore that THIS was the year in which it would all change. Sooooo, it’s been a month… how are you doing with those resolutions? 

It’s easy to write your yearly resolutions down on paper. It’s much harder to carry them out. This is why, one month in, we’re checking in with you and offering a few tips to help you keep your resolutions on track. 

Checking in on Your New Year Resolutions

Break Them Down

You might want to lose 30 pounds. That seems like a lot! But, you know what? It’s totally doable if you look at it this way: 

30 pounds in a year is just .6 per week. Doesn’t that seem like a lot more manageable? So what do you need to lose .6 pounds per week? Focus on that. 

Another example: If you want to save $10,000 start by breaking it down. 

$10,000 divided by 52 weeks = $192.31

What can you do to save $192.31 per week. What can you do to save $200 bucks per week? How about cutting out the Starbucks? Assuming you go every day, five days a week, that’s $25 right there. How about weekend brunch? For the average family, that could mean $50-$60 bucks right there. What about your weekday lunches? If you take food from home, you could save another $50 bucks. So now we’re up to $125 per week you can save. 

You see how this goes. When you break down your goals, you don’t only make them more actionable, you also make them more palpable. Try this: 

Yearly Goal Monthly Weekly Daily 

We like to create a spreadsheet with the daily goal and check that off. Check out our 6 for 60 spreadsheet here

Keep Them Visible 

There’s a big chance you don’t have your new year resolutions top of mind because you don’t see them every day. That stops today! There are so many ways you can make sure to keep your new year resolutions visible! Here are some of our favorite ones:

  • Create a vision board – You get a bunch of pics, magazine cutouts, whatever represents your dream, and you stick them on a poster board, corkboard or bathroom mirror. This goes above your desk, in your kitchen, on your entryway… wherever you pause during the day and look around. 
  • Check them off – As I mentioned before, we like to check stuff off. So arm yourself a spreadsheet and stick it on your fridge. 
  • Update your desktop background – You probably stare at this a lot more than anything else during the day, why not make it about your goals? Create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slide, save it as an image, and set it as your desktop background. 
  • Wake up to them – So this one isn’t technically keeping them visible as much as it is listening to them every day. Record yourself saying your goals (preferably what you have to do every day) and set it as your wake up alarm. Can’t think of a better way to start off the day. 
  • Journal – I have Rachel Hollis’ journal Start Today. It’s a great tool to keep your long-term goals in mind. You basically start each day with five things you are grateful for and then list ten long-term goals that you are going to achieve in ten years. 

Celebrate Progress

You know what takes a ton of time? Losing 30 pounds. That’s a long time to recognize the effort you’ve made towards your goal. Make a habit of giving yourself smaller milestones and celebrating each one. When you break down your goal, take advantage of the opportunity to give yourself small rewards along the way. For example, you can treat yourself to something like a massage, new clothes, a special meal, every 5 or 10 pounds. 

The point is, don’t wait until the goal is 100% complete before you celebrate yourself. Every day you work on your goal is a day worth celebrating, make sure to recognize yourself for the progress you’ve made. 

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