There is time but don’t waste time

I use the word balance a lot. Actually, balance should be key in life; a balance between family and work, balance of personal time and social time, a balance between exercise and going and eating that thing that you enjoy but know it’s not to healthy. But when I use the phrase “There is time but don’t waste time”, it’s the balance between rushing into things and procrastination. 

When we work on our definite goals, we should never rush or believe that the results that you want are going to happen overnight. I mean, unless you own a restaurant and, all of a sudden, you start cooking something really good and people start flocking to get it.  That’s one example, but we are not all in the food and beverage business. 

On the other hand, Mr. Procrastiantion… the one that keeps us in our comfort zone, the one that limits us from our full capacity. How do you defeat procrastination? Work on your short term goals daily, even if it’s only one. When you get that flash of an idea in your mind write it down immediately and study it and take ACTION. There is time (you are young no matter your age) and you want your dream to be just like you visualize it, so never rush it… you want it to be perfect.

                                                          Prosper on,


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