“Don’t call me lucky, call me a badass”

Call me many things, but lucky, please don’t. Luck takes away my free will, diminishes my effort, my well-earned rewards. It doesn’t recognize my struggle, chips away at my hustle.

Luck is an excuse. A cop out. Giving yourself away to whatever sways you, surrendering to inaction, giving in to circumstances.

Lucky? Not me, thanks.

Call me proactive. Resourceful, Tireless. Call me the one that will never give up. Think of me as the one that figures shit out.

I’m in control!

Want to change your “luck”? Change your mindset. Take action. Start small. Or start big, whatever you’re committed to sustaining. Put your head down and do the work.

Save your “luck” for something else. The way you lead your life? That’s all you baby, that’s all you.

Prosper on,


Inspired by Shonda Rhimes, The Year of Yes and Rob Dial’s podcast episode You’re not lucky!

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