You started the year off with a bang! Resolutions in place, you swore that THIS was the year in which it would all change. Sooooo, it’s been a month… how are you doing with those resolutions? 

It’s easy to write your yearly resolutions down on paper. It’s much harder to carry them out. This is why, one month in, we’re checking in with you and offering a few tips to help you keep your resolutions on track. 

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Working from home is pretty darn great. You have the flexibility to control your hours, you can prepare a home-cooked lunch every single day, and you can even sneak in a load of laundry once in a while. The dress code is chill, the music is always your choice, and there aren’t any chatting co-workers interrupting you when you are in the zone. I’ve found I’m a lot more productive since I’ve been working from home. 

Nevertheless, working from home also has its downfalls. It can be extremely lonely, difficult to stay motivated and hard to stick to if you don’t have the discipline and right tools to be successful. As I’ve been working from home for almost 3 years now, here are my top recommendations for working remotely successfully. 

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In a meeting last week, a client leaned in and confided: “Charlene, I can stand in front of hundreds of people and give a speech, that’s my thing, but when it comes to marketing I don’t know where to start.” Does this sound familiar? To some business owners, marketing can seem like a daunting task, even social media. There are so many things one can do! But how? When you get to it, you will realize that you need one thing to do another and before you know it you might be spiraling down a rabbit hole you don’t quite understand. On top of that, marketers LOVE their acronyms, so even when you start figuring things out, you might find yourself googling what the heck is SEO and how it’s different from SEM. 

Another common symptom I’ve seen is choice paralysis, when you’re so afraid of making a mistake that you stop yourself from even starting. After all, you’re putting your brand out there for the whole world to see. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices, platforms and marketing speak. 

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If you’re like us, you might have been tinkering with the idea of quitting your job and starting a business for years. But it’s not always that easy to figure out what type of business you want to start. 

There’s probably something that always gets in the way… A new bill to pay, the uncertainty of losing that steady income. But you still yearn for more. More time with the kids, more freedom to travel, to take on new adventures, to stop answering to a boss. Reach that f#ck you position… 

Sound about right?

We’re no experts and we don’t have everything figured out. We are NOT a success story (yet!) sharing how we did it so you can follow our path.

We are just starting the hustle.

So we thought it would be a good time to share our journey and tell you about some of the things we are doing to figure out what type of business we want to start.

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If you search for “six for 60”, you’ll possibly see one of the most random search results out there. Everything from what is the 6 percent out of 60, to a monthly special of 6 wines for 60 bucks (which is not bad, at all…). But what you won’t find is any information on Rob Dial’s IronMind 60 Challenge, a 60-day program that promises to change your life. 

The IronMind Challenge is a very simple concept. It’s about breaking old patterns and developing those new habits that you envision yourself having. In a not so distant future. 

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